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Eritrea: Successful Heart Operation on Children

In cooperation with Italian and Eritrean physicians, Orotta National Referral Hospital successfully performed cardiac surgery on nineteen children.

According to Prof. Tsigereda Gebrehiwet, head of the hospital’s pediatrics unit, this is the second time the program has been run since the COVID-19 pandemic.

The members of the Italian non-governmental charity association reported that the 25-member team of the association has conducted successful heart surgery on 25 children and that attests to the growing cooperation between the Italian and Eritrean medical teams.

On their part, the children’s parents expressed gratitude for the assistance given to their kids and the attention the medical staff showed throughout the procedure.

Indicating that heart surgery has been performed on 1,600 children since 2002 and that the procedure significantly aided in the experience and technology transfer between the medical teams in Eritrea and Italy.

Source : Zawya