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Algeria New Phase: Brazil’s Embassy Takes Companies to Show

The Brazilian Embassy in Algiers will have a space in the agri-food show Sipsa & Filaha – Agrofood, to take place in May in the Algerian capital, and invites Brazilian companies and entities to exhibit. The Arab country is experiencing a more favorable moment for foreign trade.

São Paulo – The Brazilian Embassy in Algiers is calling Brazilian companies to exhibit at Sipsa & Filaha – Agrofood, the biggest agri-food show in Africa, to take place from May 22 to 25 this year at the Safex Exhibition Center in the Algerian capital. The embassy will have a 50-square-meter space in the exhibition and is looking for companies and entities to exhibit and collaborate in the booth assembly.

The Arab country is experiencing a new phase of more significant opening to imports, which could be an opportunity for Brazilian food exporting companies. The Brazilian ambassador to Algiers, Flavio Marega, believes the time is ripe to make contacts in the country. “It is a good time for Brazilian exporters to come and live this new moment in Algeria,” the diplomat said in an interview with ANBA.

Products on demand

Algeria has a policy of encouraging domestic production and usually allows imports in some segments, usually essential products, and inputs, or in the face of supply gaps. With high prices, shortages of some goods, and the need to increase stocks, however, it has been giving greater flexibility to foreign trade into the country to increase the availability of products and lower prices for the population.

Marega reported this year Algeria imported 10,000 standing cattle from Brazil. “I think it opened an important path,” he said. The diplomat believes Algeria could also open its poultry and beef market to Brazil. The country used to import Brazilian beef but closed the market in mid-2020 to Brazil, Spain, and India to boost local production in the segment.

The ambassador sees good prospects not only for Brazilian beef exporters but also local demand for many Brazilian products. He said in the 2022 edition of Sipsa & Filaha – Agrofood, the embassy participated in the show with a small institutional booth due to the pandemic. There was a sizeable influx of agribusiness importers, and 200 consultations were received from these professionals. “This led us to propose this year again to [the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Affairs], and we received the approval,” he says.

Source: anba