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Canada sets eyes on Gabon’s mining potential

Canada is keen to boost ties with Gabon in many areas and mainly in the mining sector for a win-win partnership, the North American country’s High Commissioner in central African country (Lorraine Anderson) has revealed on Thursday July 27.
“For Canada, Gabon is a land of opportunity, and we know we can work together in a win-win relationship to help Gabon diversify its economy,” Lorraine Anderson said after meeting with Chen Sylvestre Mezui M’Obiang, Gabon’s Minister of Mining and Geology.
L. Anderson also indicated that Ottawa is eager to invest in mining exploration and the training of skills. M’Obiang welcomed the interest from Ottawa. The Gabonese official also argued that the African country is in need of support and research of other ore deposits.
“We’re delighted to know that Canada, which has a high level of mining technology, is interested in the potential of Gabon’s subsoil. We need to carry out a great deal of research to identify new potential. That’s our priority, and we’ll be looking together to see what mineral potential there is in Gabon,” M’Obiang said.
“We need to carry out a lot of research to determine our country’s new mining potential, and that’s our priority. And we’ll be looking together at what Gabon has to offer in the way of mining clues”, M’Obiang added. Both sides are planning to meet in future in view of defining the framework and actions to take in connection to the partnership, Gabon’s State-run news agency AGP reported.

Source: The North Africa Post