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DC Art Imagines James Gunn’s Younger Superman & Shows Why He’s Perfect

A new DC art piece offers a suggestion for James Gunn’s younger Superman within the rebooted DCU and explains why David Corenswet would be perfect for the role. A major shakeup has happened at DC, with Gunn and producer Peter Safran now leading the new DC Studios. Gunn made waves when he announced that the first new project in the rebranded DCU would be a Superman film without previous actor Henry Cavill. The project will focus on a younger Clark Kent, but won’t be an origin story.

Artist Javier Sanchez shared on Instagram a new fan art that illustrates what Corenswet would look like as the new DCU Superman. Audiences might be sad to lose one of the biggest stars of the old DCEU with Cavill exiting the Superman role, but the fan art presents a bright choice for DC’s future. Corenswet simply looks like Superman jumped straight from the comic book pages to real life. Check out the fan art below:

Why David Corenswet Should Be The DCU Superman

Sanchez also listed a few reasons why Corenswet suits Superman. One is that Corenswet isn’t a big name in Hollywood, which would allow him to grow with the role. The actor has appeared in a few high-profile projects, but he hasn’t really been singled out yet as one of the most prominent names in the movie industry. If he were to get the job of Superman in the DCU reboot currently being written by Gunn, Corenswet would provide the role with a clear slate and a much-needed breath of fresh air. The fact the actor resembles a younger Cavill could also probably appease some of the more disgruntled fans over his departure from Superman.

Corenswet has shown in previous roles that he has the necessary charisma to pull off both Superman’s boy scout attitude and Clark Kent’s charming nerdy persona. Reported details from Gunn’s Superman script point out that Superman will be closer to the start of his career. However, the movie won’t be an origin story, as Gunn took to social media to reveal Superman will have already met other big DC characters when he’s next introduced. One beginning that Corenswet would get to portray with the character is Clark joining The Daily Planet as a reporter and learning his way around with the help of a young Lois Lane. A good choice for a reboot version of Lois would be Lili Reinhart, who’s actually worked with Corenswet before on Netflix’s Look Both Ways.

At 29 years old, Corenswet would be able to lead the next 10 years of the DCU. One important fact in favor of this casting pertains to Corenswet himself manifesting a desire to play the role of Superman. Corenswet has gone on record in multiple interviews about how his biggest ambition is to play Superman one day. After a period where public opinion on the DCEU’s darker take on Superman wasn’t the best, Corenswet could be the perfect choice to take Clark back to his lighter comic book roots. Corenswet could portray the Superman fans know and love if Gunn keeps him in mind when casting the new DCU.

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