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DU Digital Global Revolutionising Visa Solutions for Morocco in India and Nepal

DU Digital Global, a leading player in visa solutions, is pleased to announce its groundbreaking collaboration with the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in the Republic of India and the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. The partnership focuses on providing cost-effective and efficient options for Single and Multiple Entry Tourist Visas, exclusively tailored for Indian and Nepalese citizens.

DU Digital Global’s selection as the preferred partner by the Embassies of the Kingdom of Morocco in India and Nepal not only signifies a commitment to streamlined visa solutions but also introduces a significant cost benefit for visa seekers. The company is proud to offer Tourist Sticker Visas at a competitive price in Indian Rupees (INR), providing an economical alternative to the existing eVisa options.

Under this collaboration, Indian and Nepalese citizens can obtain a Single Entry Tourist Sticker Visa for Morocco at the unbeatable price of ₹3425, while the Multiple Entry Tourist Sticker Visa is available at ₹5137. In comparison, the eVisa alternatives stand at ₹6324 for Single Entry and ₹9035 for Multiple Entry. This substantial difference in cost emphasizes DU Digital Global’s dedication to providing cost-effective solutions for travelers to Morocco.

“We are excited to introduce a cost-effective solution for Indian and Nepalese citizens seeking Tourist Sticker Visas for Morocco. Our collaboration with the Embassies of the Kingdom of Morocco aims to not only simplify the visa application process but also provide significant savings for travelers,” said Rajji Rai, Chairman DU Digital Global Ltd.

DU Digital Global’s commitment to delivering value extends beyond streamlined services, offering a more affordable option for those planning to explore the beauty of Morocco. The company looks forward to contributing to increased tourism and fostering positive cultural exchanges between India, Nepal, and Morocco.

Source: Travelandtourworld