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Egyptian Community in Tunisia Appreciates Egypt’s Efforts in Supporting Palestinian Cause

The Egyptian community in Tunisia appreciated Egypt’s efforts at all international levels and the rapid movements to support the Palestinian cause, which crystallized in reaching a temporary humanitarian truce agreement in the Gaza Strip.

Karem Al-Jaidi, head of the Egyptian Community in Tunisia, stressed the importance of Egypt’s pioneering role and its historical efforts in supporting it to resolve the Palestinian issue, which is not the result of the moment, but rather a long time ago.

He also announced the full support of the Egyptians in Tunisia for all decisions taken by the political leadership to preserve the security and safety of the nation, first and foremost the rejection of the forced displacement of the Palestinian people.

Al-Jaidi said – in a statement to the Middle East News Agency – that thanks to Egypt’s diplomatic efforts, more humanitarian aid will be brought in after the truce was agreed upon between the two sides, noting that the Rafah crossing has the largest and most important role in bringing humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip.

Osama Ibrahim, who has lived in Tunisia for 6 years, agreed with him, saying that Egypt’s position has been clear since the outbreak of the war, which is its full support for the Palestinian cause, appreciating the conscious move taken by the political leadership to resolve the crisis, and expressing his pride in the political leadership and its usual efforts in resolving crises and various regional and Arab issues. .

He noted that the entire world in all media outlets is talking about Egypt’s important and pioneering role in unifying the Arab vision to support the Palestinian cause, and highlighting the efforts made during the recent period to support the cause with the various moves undertaken by the Egyptian state. He stressed that Egyptians residing abroad support all leadership decisions. Politics and its efforts to resolve the crisis reflect the interconnectedness of us all.

While Karim Ragab, an Egyptian who has lived in Tunisia for 11 years, confirmed that all the decisions taken by the political leadership are in the interest of the nation, expressing his support and support for the Egyptian government, praising the Egyptian role since 1948 in resolving the Palestinian issue, noting that Egypt has provided all support to the Palestinian people in Helping to resolve the crisis has been going on for a long time until this moment, saying: “The Palestinian issue will not be solved by their forced displacement to Sinai, but rather this will reflect negatively on the entire region.”

As for Nasr Abu Al-Awf – who has lived in Tunisia for 15 years – he noted that Egypt always stands and supports its Arab brothers in resolving all issues, and this is not surprising in Egypt’s full support for Arab issues. He said that the Egyptian movements and reactions are quick to help the Palestinian people and this was translated into On the ground to receive the wounded and quickly prepare a field hospital, to provide first aid and the necessary medical care for the injured.

Meanwhile, Kamel Abu Al-Enein, an Egyptian who has lived in Tunisia for more than 10 years, confirmed that the Egyptian political leadership has a major role that is clear to everyone, especially since all decisions are in favor of the Palestinian cause and maintaining security in the entire region.

The Hamas movement announced the details of the truce agreement with the Israeli occupation, and said: “We reached a humanitarian truce agreement (temporary ceasefire) for a period of four days, with diligent and appreciated Egyptian and Qatari efforts, according to which a ceasefire will be reached by both parties, and all military actions by the occupation army will cease in All areas of the Gaza Strip, and stopping the movement of its military vehicles penetrating the Gaza Strip.”

Source : Egypt Today