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Egypt’s Culture Ministry, British Council Collaborate to Enhance Cultural, Creative Industries

The British Council, in partnership with the Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre (PEC), hosted an international forum today that culminated in remarkable success. The forum, held in Cairo, brought together creative economy stakeholders from across Africa, wider Europe, and a network of global leaders through the PEC International Council.

The overarching theme of the forum was to deepen understanding of current trends and opportunities within Africa’s cultural and creative industries and to foster partnerships between them. Recognized as one of the fastest-growing sectors of the global economy, the creative sector plays a pivotal role in building sustainable, future-proof economies, offering fulfilling opportunities for women and young people, and enabling communities to celebrate their cultural heritage and talents.

The event showcased case studies and policy initiatives from across Africa, Asia, the UK, and beyond, with a particular focus on the policy landscape for the creative economy and key topics such as intellectual property, intermediaries, skills, and education in the creative sector.

Mark Howard, Country Director of the British Council, remarked, “We are thrilled to be a part of this initiative. This forum plays a crucial role in shaping a vibrant future for North Africa and Africa’s creative economy. We look forward to collaborating with our partners and supporting new collaborations built on the insightful discussions that have laid the groundwork for a lasting and inclusive creative sector in Egypt and beyond.”

Hisham Azmi, Secretary-General of the Supreme Council for Culture, stated, “The Egyptian Ministry of Culture is collaborating with the British Council and the Policy and Evidence Center PEC to enhance the Cultural and Creative Industries in Egypt.”

The Creative Industries Policy and Evidence Centre, spearheaded by Newcastle University and funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council as part of the UK Government’s Industrial Strategy, has played a vital role in supporting the growth of the UK’s creative industries through independent evidence and policy advice. This initiative, in collaboration with the British Council, convened the PEC International Council – a network of renowned policy and creative economy practitioners from around the world – to review and provide an international perspective on PEC’s activities.

Source: Daily News Egypt