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Huawei Appoints David Li as General Manager for Huawei Morocco

Rabat – Chinese technology giant Huawei has announced the appointment of David Li as the new General Manager for Huawei Morocco. 

The company said that this appointment is part of Huawei’s dedication to supporting Morocco’s vision for digital advancement.

David Li, who assumed his new role in September 2023, joined Huawei in May 2011, accumulating a wealth of 17 years of experience in the ICT industry in the Asia-Pacific region. 

Prior to his recent appointment, he held key positions at Huawei, including Director of Channel Business and Deputy Director in Indonesia. He also served as Vice President and General Manager of the Enterprise Business Group in Malaysia.

Bringing his “substantial expertise and clear vision,” David Li aims to drive a “prosperous, inclusive, and sustainable” digital transformation in Morocco, indicated Huawei in a press release.

As part of his new position, David Li is looking to help bolster Huawei’s investments in digital infrastructure, develop eco-friendly digital solutions, and facilitate knowledge transfer through training initiatives in information and communication technologies for young talent.

“With his dynamic approach and constant quest for efficiency, David Li will mark, through this appointment, a significant and promising step for Huawei at a time when the Kingdom of Morocco is embarking on the path of digital leadership,” said the statement.

David Li celebrated his appointment and expressed gratitude for the trust Huawei placed in him. 

“I am excited to contribute to strengthening Huawei’s commitment in Morocco. Our priority is to support our partners in accelerating their digital transformation through cutting-edge technologies and Huawei’s expertise,” he said.

Since Huawei established its presence in Morocco in 2002, the company has been a key player in the country’s ICT sector, with offices in Rabat and Casablanca.

The telecommunications company said it has generated 8,000 direct and indirect job opportunities in the country.

In addition, the company has launched several programs and initiatives with the aim of developing the digital skills and capabilities of young Moroccans.

“Convinced that digital technologies offer unique prospects for economic and social development, Huawei invests in young talents to contribute to a more efficient and robust industrial ecosystem,” the company said.

Source : Morocco World News