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IPhone 16 Pro Tipped for Major Connectivity and Camera Boost

Apple might only have released its iPhone 15 handsets recently, but talk has turned to the iPhone 16 and specifically, in this case, the iPhone 16 Pro.

A renowned analyst claims that the next iPhone refresh will include an even better camera for the Pro models, and both will also get Wi-Fi 7 connectivity.

In an investors note seen by 9to5Mac, Jeff Pu from Haitong International Securities suggests that Apple’s 2024 flagship phones will get a display bump to 6.3- and 6.9-inches respectively.

He also writes that the smaller iPhone 16 Pro will gain the same tetra-prism lens as the current 15 Pro Max, giving it a similar 5x optical zoom. However, there is good news for Pro Max users too, as both models are also tipped for an ultra-wide camera boost from 12- to 48-megapixels.

Pu highlights another feature he expects to come to the iPhone 16 Pro family, which perhaps won’t have such obvious benefits for now but could later down the line. The Pro and Pro Max are said to be getting a major connectivity upgrade.

iPhone 16 Pro to get Wi-Fi 7 support?

He says that both devices could well get Wi-Fi 7 wireless connectivity. This means little if you don’t have a Wi-Fi 7 router, but if you do you could potentially get home network speeds of up to 46 Gbps. That’s mammoth.

It won’t mean much when it comes to internet access as users rarely have broadband connections over 1 Gbps at present (in the UK at least). However, it does mean that you can connect to and interact with other devices around the home at superfast speeds.

Wi-Fi 7 is also even more stable than Wi-Fi 6e – as used on the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max, so there’s that added benefit. And it offers lower latency too.

On top of all this, Pu’s report suggests that the modem will also be boosted, with adoption of the Qualcomm Snapdragon X75. This will enable 5G speeds of up to 7.5 Gbps – again, way beyond any mobile network capabilities in the UK right now.

It’s worth remembering though that these are the predictions of an industry analyst rather than corroborated details or a leak, so much could change between now and next September when we expect the iPhone 16 phones to launch.

Still, they are all achievable and we’ll keep you updated on any further details on Apple’s new devices over the coming months.

Source : Yahoo