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Israel Resumes Natural Gas Deliveries to Egypt

Israel has authorized the resumption of natural gas deliveries to Egypt from the Tamar natural gas field via the East Mediterranean Gas (EMG) pipeline, which runs from Ashkelon to El-Arish.

The gas flow was temporarily halted on October 10, three days after the start of the war against Israel launched by Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist organization.

“Chevron Mediterranean Limited (CML)can confirm that on November 14, 2023, the natural gas flow through the EMG pipeline resumed,” Chevron said Tuesday in a statement.

The Tamar gas filed is located 47 kilometers (29 miles) northeast of the Leviathan gas field, one of the world’s largest deep water gas fields.

Chevron owns significant stakes in both: 25 percent in the Tamar field and 39.7 percent working interest in the Leviathan

Source: Jewishpress