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Israeli Magazine Calls for Preparing for War With Egypt

Israel must threaten Egypt and, if necessary, attack it on all fronts, a report issued by Israel Defence magazine, published by the Israeli army, has said.

The military magazine added that in the Middle East, armies of “murderers” have emerged, supported by Iran, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, and they have been provided with bases, infrastructure and weapons.

These anti-Tel Aviv armed movements are being equipped with huge quantities of weapons while Egypt turns a blind eye, it explained. On the other hand, an Israeli tourist who enters Egypt or Sinai with a single bullet in their backpack is immediately imprisoned, it said in reference to the recent incident of the arrest of an Israeli tourist in Sinai after bullets were found in his bag.

The magazine, which directed its attack on Cairo, claimed: “Egypt has violated the peace agreement and is blatantly violating it without any Israeli response for fear of harming the agreement.”

It pointed out that the peace agreement signed between Egypt and Israel in 1979 stipulates the presence of an Egyptian force that is the size of a unit only 60 kilometres east of the canal, but the Egyptians built three military airports with apartments and infrastructure for supplies and fuel, permanent camps for the units, and a force of about 100 tanks in Rafah, in addition to six crossings the size of the highway under the Suez Canal and three radar stations in Sinai. What is more, the Egyptian army possesses modern Western and Eastern weapons, and all this armament is aimed at one target; Israel, it added.

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, “our friend”, is working against us with determination, Israel Defence added.

It went on to criticise Tel Aviv’s reliance on Qatar and Egypt.
It concluded by saying: “The event in the south is a way to change our strategy, and we will receive all of the Western aid if we act correctly.”

Source: Middleeastmonitor