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Kuwait Receives Four Eurofighter Typhoons

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates — The Kuwaiti Air Force received four Eurofighter Typhoons this week, bringing its fleet size to 13 out of the 28 on order, the country’s official Kuwait News Agency announced.

Deliveries began in December 2021 as part of an effort to enhance the service’s combat readiness.

The Eurofighter acquisition program is part of a collaboration between Kuwait and Italy, in which their air forces train together.

The Italian Air Force is providing air-to-air refueling with its KC-767A tanker aircraft, and the service plans to train pilots, engineers and technicians to support Kuwait’s Eurofighter fleet.

The Eurofighter Typhoon is equipped with electronic warfare capabilities and a Mauser BK27mm gun. It can also carry various types of missiles.

The aircraft can reach speeds exceeding Mach 1, and each of the jets sent to Kuwait have an active electronically scanned array radar. The aircraft received thus far have exceeded 400 flight hours in total.

The eventual 28 Eurofighters will complement the Kuwaiti Air Force’s F/A-18 Hornet and Mirage F1 jets.

Source : Defense News