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Morocco and Brazil Expand Their Cooperation in the Judicial Field

The Brazilian Senate has taken an important step in relations between your country and Morocco. The judicial cooperation agreement signed by both countries almost a decade ago has finally been adopted, according to the Senate itself through its website. In this way, both countries bring positions closer with an agreement that pays special attention to civil law and procedural civil law.

Fernando Dueire, senator of the Brazilian Democratic Movement, has been in charge of presenting this resolution that, he says, contemplates “mechanisms capable of ensuring full access to justice, guaranteeing the effectiveness of judicial decisions and promoting the fundamental rights of people, regardless of their location.” In addition, this agreement guarantees that Brazilians who are in Moroccan territory have “free access to the courts under the same conditions established for national citizens and legal entities, in terms of rights and obligations.”

The same rights listed by Duaire will also be recognized in Brazil for Moroccans. Citizens of both countries will be guaranteed mutual legal assistance when accessing the courts of the other country. And one of the most important points included in this agreement is to establish a system that allows for the recognition and enforcement of court judgments related to civil law and civil procedure, in addition to family, commercial and labor law.

What does remain on the sidelines is criminal law, which in no case will be affected by this measure adopted by both countries. However, the adoption of an agreement sealed in 2014 reaffirms a trend that already in May of this year showed that the harmony between Brazil and Morocco was improving by leaps and bounds. Just over three months ago, Brasilia and Rabat approved a military cooperation agreement focused on research and development, as well as logistical support and the acquisition of certain material.

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This agreement approved by the National Defense and Foreign Relations Committee of Brazil also contemplates “participation in theoretical and practical courses, cultural and sports events, mutual humanitarian assistance and military training.”. And, in the same way that happens now with the recently approved judicial agreement, the military had been signed for some time, specifically since 2021. It should be noted that at that time seven additional agreements were signed that also covered investment areas.

The cooperation between Morocco and Brazil has grown very quickly and, even more importantly, it has done so in numerous fields. To everything already mentioned, we must add one of the most important for the Alawite kingdom, which is the energy sector. Green Energy Park, a research and training center in solar energy reached an agreement to establish a structure throughout the Moroccan country that would allow the charging of electric cars, one of the Kingdom’s great bets on the road to decarbonization.

Americas Coordinator: José Antonio Sierra. 

Source : Atalayar