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Morocco and Spain Participate in NATO-Held Naval Exercises

Rabat – Morocco is reportedly taking part in a NATO-organized naval drill in the Mediterranean with its “Tariq ibn Ziad” frigate, alongside participants from Spain. 

According to Spanish outlet Defensa, Spain’s warship “Mendez Nunez” is also participating in the exercises, alongside the UK’s “Paul Stroude” ship.

The exercises conducted by the ships include anti-submarine warfare exercises, air defense simulations, and communication protocols, are being conducted by both warships.

Military cooperation has been one of the areas that Morocco and Spain have been working on improving over the past year, since the recovery of the two countries’ bilateral relations.

In March 2023, a year-long impasse between Rabat and Madrid came to an end after Spain announced its support for Morocco’s Autonomy Plan for Western Sahara. Since then, the two countries have repeatedly pledged to intensify cooperation on several fronts, including defense and migration.

This comes a few weeks after the participation of Moroccan frigate “Sultan Moulay Ismail” in the 2023 edition of the “Atlas Handshake” in August.

The “Atlas Handshake” program aimed to strengthen bilateral marine cooperation between Morocco and the US, improve interoperability, and fortify the two countries’ strategic alliance.

In addition to showcasing each navy’s capabilities, these events aim to promote mutual understanding, encourage the sharing of best practices, and demonstrate capabilities.

Source : Morocco World News