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Morocco Implements Stricter Import Regulations Amidst Bed Bug Concerns

Morocco has announced new measures to safeguard public health and prevent a potential outbreak of bed bugs in the country.

The Ministry of Industry and Commerce, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Protection, recently enacted a decision that introduces stricter regulations on the importation of second-hand goods.

This decision targets specific items, including carpets, sheets, blankets, wooden furniture, parquet flooring, and second-hand household appliances.

Importing these items into the country now requires special and prior authorization from the relevant authorities.

The decision, effective immediately upon its publication, aims to prevent the spread of bed bugs to Morocco in light of infestations that have sparked panic in several European countries.

The Moroccan Ministry of Health assured the public that there have been no recorded bed bug infestations within the country’s borders.

Authorities have implemented several measures to prevent any potential spread of bed bugs into the country, including stricter border control.

In addition, the Ministry of Health encouraged the public to promptly notify health and public authorities if they observe any signs of bed bugs or related concerns.

The bedbug outbreak has emerged as a major concern in France in recent months, notably in the capital Paris which is gearing up to host the upcoming Olympic games in 2024.

The frustration among both French residents and tourists has been growing due to the widespread presence of these pests throughout the city.

Shocking videos on social media showed the spread of bedbugs in buses, high-speed trains, airports, and other public places.

Source: Morocco World News