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Morocco is Committed to Young People to Strengthen the Digital Ecosystem

The Government of Morocco is aware that the development of technology and Artificial Intelligence is one of the strengths of young people. The program aims to increase the knowledge and interpersonal skills of the participants through soft skills training sessions in cutting-edge technologies such as Cloud Computing, 5G and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

A series of soft skills training sessions are also scheduled, along with team-building exercises that will work to promote interaction, communication and cooperation among the participants. Special attention is paid to the transfer of knowledge and skills in information and communication technologies (ICT) to the various stakeholders of the company, according to Faustin Xu, deputy general director of Huawei Morocco.

The event will have fifty participants, ten students from Mauritania. The Chinese company aims to promote an inclusive and diverse digital ecosystem that can foster innovation and economic growth by empowering women in the digital industry.

According to Xu, Huawei “considers social engagement to be a structuring parameter of its growth model. The innovative ‘Seeds for the Future’ program demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the development of the global digital talent ecosystem, with special attention to the student population.”

Huawei Morocco wants to help Moroccan talent to develop their skills in ICT and digital economy as part of its mission to strengthen the country’s digital ecosystem. Talented people will be able to participate in the Tech4Good Startup Sprint, which will be held in China in the coming weeks, as one of the attractions of this ongoing Seeds for the Future 2023 program.

Participants will also have free access to the online platform ”Seeds Academy”, which is full of tools to support the development of projects. The chosen participants will thus have the option of becoming what Huawei calls “Global Ambassadors”, a title that will open the doors to participation in conferences both in Morocco and in other nations, giving them an unparalleled opportunity to expand their horizons.

PHOTO/ARCHIVO - Huawei Morocco celebra el 10º certamen "Semillas par el futuro"
AFP/WANG ZHAO – Huawei Morocco celebrates the 10th “Seeds for the Future” contest

Moroccan artists have been perfectly incorporated into the Seeds for the Future 2023 initiative since the beginning of this event. In addition, they underwent intensive training in interpersonal skills, which raised their level of competence.

To learn how “the network of the future allows an immersive experience in the metaverse” using 5G technology, how to grow in the business world and how to improve strategy, the three participating teams have participated in online meetings, various workshops and seminars with their mentors. of collaboration. Participants also had the opportunity to ask Huawei experts about how AI and digital power are used in daily life.

The Ministry of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform, the Ministry of Economic Inclusion, Small Businesses, Employment and Skills, and the Ministry of Higher Education, Scientific Research and Innovation have collaborated to organize the event. The “Seeds for the Future 2023” program is completely in line with the vision and values of Huawei Morocco, as efforts are made to support the development of young talents, foster innovation and actively participate in the emergence of a competitive Moroccan digital.

PHOTO/TWITTER/ @MezzourGhita - ministra de Transición Digital y Reforma Administrativa de Morocco
PHOTO/TWITTER/ @MezzourGhita – Minister of Digital Transition and Administrative Reform of Morocco

The program will give participants rich experiences again this year and highlight Huawei’s values of innovation, sharing and teamwork. The commitment by the Government of the Alawite country not only focuses on the development of young people, but also seeks the integration of women in the technological sector as they already did with the “Tech for Her, Tech by Her and Tech with Her” program within the framework of Women in Tech Morocco 2023.

The Women In Tech organization provided women with the opportunity to assume leadership positions and make significant contributions to Morocco’s digital landscape. Huawei and its partners hope that these programs and conventions will favor and help create an environment where women can thrive and shine in the technology sector by promoting diversity and thus reducing the gender gap.

Source : Atalayar