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Seychellois artist George Camille awarded trophy from African Culture Fund

Well-known Seychellois artist George Camille was awarded a trophy in recognition of his contributions as an ambassador to the African Culture Fund (ACF) during an event at the Savane Hotel in Mali earlier this month.  

Camille received his trophy alongside his colleagues from Burkina Faso, Tunisia, Libya, Cameroon and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Mali, Abdoulaye Diop, who fought to create this fund when he sat at the table of the African Union.

The Seychellois artist, who is one of the founders of the ACF that was set up in 2018, said that it all started with an exhibition organised in Seychelles. Now the organisation is based in Bamako in Mali.

“We have been able to create an NGO to support artists across Africa in various ways. We started off by giving out some of our work in order to build up the fund, I myself have made several contributions,” said Camille.

The fund is administered by Mamou Daffe, the President of Mali, Camille as treasurer and Dr. Frannie Leautier from Tanzania.

Camille, who has over 40 years of experience as an artist, said he was proud to be awarded the trophy.

“I wasn’t expecting it. When I do something, I do not expect anything in return, this shows that my work is being valued along with the contribution that I have made to create this fund,” he added.

The ACF’s objectives are to finance cultural and creative projects through calls for proposals; mobilise funds for the structuring and professionalisation of the African cultural and creative sector and ensure visibility and connection between donors and artists.

Camille said that as an ambassador he wants to promote the institution and look for people who can financially support the fund so that they can support artists who submit their projects to ACF.

The Seychellois artist explained that funding has always been a challenge in the creative industry, especially for beginners. ACF has launched a call for proposals twice a year where participants can be granted funds up to €2,000.

ACF also organises boot camps for artists where they can get access to training with experts, meet curators and work with other artists.

Seychellois artists are encouraged to take up this opportunity and visit the African Culture Fund Facebook page and website at www.africanculturefund.net

“ACF wants to promote this facility so that local artists can make use of the funds and in return, artists will be given more exposure and visibility,” said George.  

The ACF provides opportunities for different forms of arts, such as visual, contemporary and performing arts yet this facility is not well known amongst local artists, therefore, highlighting the need for more marketing.

Source: Seychelles News Agency