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Sudan: Hope Fades as War Enters Sixth Month

Six months since conflict broke out, Sudan’s brutal war continues to inflict immeasurable suffering: endangering lives, displacing millions from their homes, and causing deaths even in areas far from frontlines.

“The war continues mercilessly. We wake up every day hoping that a solution or agreement or ceasefire will be reached. Unfortunately, this hope fades day by day,” decries Rashid Mohamed Ahmed, resident of Omdourman.

More than 9,000 deaths, 5.6 million displaced people and refugees, cholera and deindustrialisation, the war that broke out between general Al-Burhane and Mohamed Hamdane Daglo has brought Sudan to its knees and ravaged its capital Khartoum.

Sudanese hopes of an end to the fighting are “fading” as people feel more and more scared.

“The past six months were a bitter period. We are scared day and night. Scared of the bombs and bullets,” shares Mona Mohamed Taher, another resident of Omdourman.

Across Sudan, the fragile health system is struggling; emergency rooms are congested, and many hospitals have closed completely.

According to the International president of Doctors without borders, Sudan’s crisis epitomises a catastrophic failure of humanity, marked by the warring parties’ failing to protect civilians or facilitate essential humanitarian access.

“Some charity organisations are helping, but we still need health aid, blankets, bedsheets, and also there is water and medicine shortage. In general, there is shortage in healthcare services,” pleads Mounira El Ser, volunteer in the al-Wahda school camp?

With no end to the war in sight, NGOs are calling for a substantial increase in efforts to provide humanitarian aid and for people of Sudan to be allowed unhindered access to medical aid.

Source : Africa News