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Tunisia: 11,400 Funding Requests for Projects Received on Raidet Platform

Tunisia – 11,400 funding requests for projects dedicated to women and girls were received on the Raidet platform, Minister of Family, Women, Children and Seniors Amel Belhaj Moussa said on Tuesday.

In a ceremony held at the City of Culture on the success stories of the National Programme for Women Entrepreneurship and Investment «Raidet», Moussa said that in 2023, her ministry responded to 2,500 funding requests for projects, adding that women’s participation in launching private initiatives and projects has increased significantly.

The minister pointed out that the current action plan helped finance 600 projects annually over a period of 5 years. Yet with the «massive» requests for entrepreneurship and launching projects, the ministry decided to raise the budget allocated to the Raidet programme, from 50 million dinars to 70 million dinars, in partnership with several banks including the Tunisian Solidarity Bank (BTS), the National Agricultural Bank (BNA) and the Small and Medium Enterprises Funding Banks (BFPME), she explained.

Moussa pointed out that the Raidet programme is facing several challenges, including the financing of high employability projects related to the sustainable development goals of which Tunisia has adhered since 2015.

The minister reiterated the importance of the programme and the advantages her department grants to women and girls for the self-financing of projects, which is reimbursed up to 20% without interest over a period which varies between 3 and 5 years.

Source : Zawya