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Tunisia: FTDES to Launch Digital Platform to Document Social Protests and Civic Action

The Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights (FTDES) announced the launch of a multifunctional digital platform named “Al-Forum.” This interactive platform aims to systematically collect and document all digital content related to social protests and civic action, encompassing their history and current dynamics. The sources of this material include, notably, the FTDES and its collaborative partners.

Initiating its trial version on September 15, 2023, the platform has set objectives to underscore the digital realm as a space for social action. It seeks to monitor the dynamics and interactions between the digital and physical public spaces, positioning itself as a bridge between these complementary domains.

Designed to cater to stakeholders invested in human rights and liberties in Tunisia and the region, the platform offers diverse digital content for purposes of academic research, journalistic endeavours, and artistic production.

This content is made available to streamline review and analysis, with the overarching goal of enriching public discourse and fostering a culture of constructive dialogue grounded in scientific evidence and structured arguments with the potential for positive change and impact.

Furthermore, the platform is committed to breaking away from the stigmatisation discourse directed towards social and civic actors.

It provides interactive tools for its members, enabling them to actively contribute to content production, monitoring, and exchange. A mobile application is also at their disposal, ensuring swift and targeted access to real-time information.

Source: Zawya