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Fans Think Anya Taylor-Joy Had Fat Removal Surgery After Seeing Early Career Photos: ‘Why?’

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Could Anya Taylor-Joy have followed in the footsteps of Chrissy Teigen, Lea Michele and Emily Ratajkowski (to name just three) and undergone one of the most popular treatments of the moment, i.e., buccal fat removal? Judging by some older pictures of the 26-year-old Last Night in Soho actress that have been compared to more recent ones, it’s certainly looking that way!

Buccal fat removal involves surgically removing the fat between the cheekbones and jaw bones via small incisions inside the mouth to achieve a snatched jawline and more sculpted cheeks – and the before and after pictures of the Queen’s Gambit star definitely don’t lie!

Fans have taken to social media to note that there’s only so much that makeup such as expert contouring and highlighting, for example, can achieve; and at the same time, only so much that can be attributed to getting older and getting rid of puppy fat, so it looks like buccal fat removal surgery takes care of the rest!

A recent Reddit post comparing older and more recent pictures of the Witch actress had a *lot* of comments, with many fans saying that there is an undisputed enormous change in her appearance, with many others wondering what cosmetic treatments she could have undergone over the years to contribute to her current appearance.

“I feel like her face was bigger? Like puffier and now it’s chiseled down and sculpted,” one Reddit user noted, to which another replied, “I wonder if it’s natural? I believe there’s not as many years between the two pics as it seems.” “She’s lost a lot of weight,” wrote another, while someone else asked: “Why is no one talking about the obvious nose job and buccal fat removal from her cheeks?”

Source : She Finds