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Florence Pugh’s ‘A Good Person’ Will Feature Original Songs From The Actress Herself


In between filming Dune, drinking Aperol spritzes, and spearheading the Free The Nipple movement, Florence Pugh has also been working on something a little different for her next movie, A Good Person. While appearing on The Run-Through with Vogue, Pugh revealed that she is releasing her own music that is featured in Zach Braff’s upcoming drama.

“I’ve actually got music being released this year,” Pugh confirmed when asked about her 2023 projects. “I wrote music for [A Good Person] and that’s been a whole exciting experience that I’ve been desperate to do for years.” Pugh stars as a young woman named Allison who goes through a tragic loss at the peak of her career and finds an unlikely friendship with Morgan Freeman’s character. Her original songs will be featured in the movie, which hits theaters on March 24th (the same weekend that everything else is happening).

Pugh is no stranger to music, as she used to upload covers to her YouTube channel before she was a household name. “Ever since I was in school, I really thought I was going to be a musician before I was going to be an actor. And I think it just flipped along the way,” she explained, adding that she had taken time away from music for so long in order to focus on acting.

“[Music] is one of those things that can mean so much to you, and the less you do it the less confidence you have and you end up losing your heart in it,” the Dune actress explained, adding that Braff’s script inspired her to get back into it. “For years I was so scared of how to do it. And eventually, this opportunity arose and I read Zach’s script and I said ‘I’ve been inspired to write a song.’ And we put them in the movie.”

Pugh said that she’s really excited to release “real” music, so there is a chance that maybe one day we will witness her having her own pop star moment. “I’ve been able to dabble in it with some characters in some projects I’ve been able to sing, but never fully do it for real.” Not many people would consider releasing a song with Harry Styles as just a warm-up for making music for “real,” but Pugh certainly can!

Source : Uproxx