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Morocco Among Top 20 Countries With the Best Roads Worldwide

A report on global road quality has ranked Morocco as a standout performer, with the country securing the 16th position in the top 20 countries with the best roads worldwide.

Moroccan roads boast a mean speed score of 95 kilometers per hour, underscoring the country’s unwavering dedication to enhancing its infrastructure, the report said.

Road Connectivity is a pivotal element in fostering inclusive development, significantly reducing commute times and increasing productivity. The United Nations recognizes its importance, incorporating an index into its Sustainable Development Goals to monitor infrastructure development globally.

Based on the data from the Road Quality and Mean Speed Score Report from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) published in May 2022, the ranking from the Finance platform Insider Monkey sheds light on the top 20 countries with the best roads, showcasing Morocco alongside global leaders.

The mean speed score, a metric encompassing factors such as accessibility, surface condition, and traffic flow, positions Morocco among the world’s top-ranking nations for road quality.

The top 5 countries, comprising the United States, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Canada, and France, showcase the global leaders in road quality. Each of these nations boasts mean speed scores above 100 kilometers per hour, reflecting their advanced and well-maintained road infrastructure.

Beyond Morocco, Namibia, and South Africa, the absence of other African nations in the top 20 underscores the importance of addressing the continent’s infrastructure deficit, echoing King Mohammed VI’s call during the 4th edition of the Africa Investment Forum in Marrakech, November 8.

The monarch emphasized, “The continent’s infrastructure deficit is one of the main factors preventing Africa from realizing its economic growth potential in full and achieving its development goals.”

King Mohammed VI’s advocacy aligns seamlessly with the nation’s achievements, emphasizing the collective effort needed to advance infrastructure development across the African continent. The call to action underscores the importance of collaboration and shared efforts in advancing infrastructure development on the continent.

Morocco’s impressive standing in this latest global road quality rankings reflects not only the country’s commitment to infrastructure development but also serves as a beacon for other African nations.

Source: Morocco World News