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Tourism Office Promotes Morocco as Travel Destination in French Market

In an effort to further solidify Morocco’s standing as a preferred travel destination among French tourists, the Moroccan National Tourist Office (ONMT) and the National Tourism Confederation (CNT) have extended an invitation to the members of France’s Union of Tour Operators Company (SETO) for a visit to Morocco on November 9 and 10.

The SETO, which brings together the 70 largest tour operators in France, recorded a turnover of over five billion euros in the summer of 2014, with a large proportion of this being generated in North Africa, particularly Morocco, noted the ONMT press release.

Making up the SETO delegation, which is led by Rene-Marc Chikli, are the presidents of the major member TOs and the general managers of the distribution networks associated with a number of attending journalists from the general and specialized press, the statement detailed.

This will ensure that both the event and Morocco as a travel destination have a prominent position in the French market.

The ONMT and Moroccan specialists employed by the CNT have the chance to showcase the new “Morocco, Kingdom of Light” tourist initiative and the travel alternatives available at the destination during the visit of the French tour operators.

“SETO’s visit to Morocco is a very important one, as it will enable the members of this union, which brings together France’s leading tour operators, to discover Morocco’s new, revamped offering at first hand,” said ONMT Director General.

“Our ambition is to strengthen our historic position with this strategic market, which accounts for almost 35% of our tourism industry’s total revenue,” El Fakir added.

Additionally present to showcase Morocco’s immense tourism potential and have as many of the country’s tourist spots as possible listed in French tour operators’ catalogs were the presidents of the Regional Tourism Councils (CRT).

Morocco’s appeal as a travel destination keeps rising among SETO members. Morocco posted the largest gain (+38.8%) and ranked fifth among SETO’s top 10 clients by country for the summer of 2023.

For the 2023-2024 winter season, the North African country experienced an impressive 65.8% growth to take third place in terms of business volume.

The ONMT emphasized that its “Light in Action” policy is still in place and that these performances illustrate the enthusiasm French tour operators have shown in Morocco as a destination, which is verified by this trip. This will increase sales to Morocco, especially for the summer of 2024.

Source: Morocco World News